Roll Grinding:

We are specialized in Grinding various types of Rolls to close geometric tolerance on precision German grinding machines.

a) Concentricity : 3 micron (depends on roller construction)
b) Cylindricity : 3 micron (depends on roller construction)
c) Taper : 2-3 micron per meter (depends on roller construction)
d) Camber Profile: 2-3 micron station to station variation.

Our grinding capacity :

? 1850mm dia X 6500mm Lg
? 900mm  dia X 10000mm Lg
? 25 tons weight capacity.

With an infrastructure of 3 Roll Grinding machines and 5 Cylindrical Grinding machines, we can grind Calendar Rolls, Work Rolls, Back Up Rolls, Dryer Cylinder, Rams, Calendar Rolls for PVC, Granite Rolls, Rubber Rolls etc.

Hard Chrome Plating:

We have over 40 years of extensive experience in Hard Chrome Plating Rolls/ Dies of various sizes and base materials.
We have world class technical know-how through our 3 technical collaborations.
We can HCP upto:

? 2000mm dia X 4000 mm Lg
? 900mm  dia X 10000 mm Lg
? 350mm dia  X 15000 mm Lg
? 20 Tons weight capacity.
? 1,25,000 Amp Rectifier Capacity.

We can Hard Chrome Plate, Work Roll, Auto Dies, Mass Quantity Jobs, Centerless Bar Hard Chrome Plating, PQF Mandrel Bars, Dryer Cylinders, Baskets, Baffles for Chemical Industrial, Calendar for PVC, Doctor Roll, Super Calendar Rolls, Rams, Tie Bars, Metering Bar, T- Dies, Crane Booms etc.

Heavy Rolls turning:  - We can turn heavy rolls upto 25 tons,  1400mm dia X 8000mm Lg.
Typical jobs include Steel Mill Back Up Rolls, Dryer Cylinder, Long Shaft Etc.


We have high precision German Super Finishing Machine to achieve high gloss mirror finish subsequent to the grinding operation. We use special abrasive tools to reduce peak to valley height and impart High Gloss Mirror Finish to the Roll resulting in a surface finish of 0.005 Micron Ra Value on the Roll.

Maximum Capacity : 524mm dia X 6000 mm Lg, 25 Tons Weight Capacity.

Rolls Manufacturing:

We have a special infrastructure for fabrication of Single/ Double Jacket breitling watches replica Rolls in Mirror Finish/ Matt Finish for various applications ranging from Heating / Cooling / Coating / Lamination / Calendaring Etc.

Our Roll Manufacturing process has the following features:-

Uniform temperature gradient across the roll: - For heating/ Cooling Rolls our special internal construction ensures very low temperature gradient across the entire barrel length of the Roll, resulting in uniform quality and thickness of sheet/film passing between the Rolls.

Hard Chrome Plating: - We have over 40 years experience coupled with technology from German consultant, to deliver you the best quality Hard Chrome Plating, of 62-65 HRC hardness & good corrosion resistance.

Roll Surface Hardening: - Using specialized techniques we produce a roll with a shell hardenss of 60 HRC & shell depth of 8 mm.

Grinding: - We grind your Rolls on precision German machines to produce geometric tolerances in the range of 3-5 microns.

Matt Finish: - We can produce different surface roughness values (Ra Values ranging from1-4 microns) in dull/ bright finish, using different parameters in Sand Blasting.

Mirror Finish: - Using specialized German Machine we can produce high gloss (lusture) mirror finish of Ra value 0.005 microns.

Embossing: - We can produce different embossed finishes on the Roll surface ranging from Knurled/ Diamond Etc.

Dynamic Balancing: - We use special manufacturing techniques to ensure that the fabricated Rolls are dynamically balanced to close tolerances, resulting in vibration free running.

Industries Served:

Using the above specialized manufacturing techniques, we can Manufacture / Repair various Rolls for the following Industries: -

Coating Line: -
Single/ Double Jacket
Heating / Cooling
Winding Core
Idler Roll/ Guide Roll
Chill Roll
Stretcher Roll
MDO Roll
Winding Core
Ozone Corona Treatment
Polyester: -
Chill Roll
Winding Core
Idler Roll / Guide Roll
Sheet Line: -
Polishing Rolls
Screw Barrel
Idle Roll/ Guide Roll
Flooring: -
Calander Roll
Take off Roll
Idler Roll/ Guide Roll
Single/ Double Jacket- Heating/ Cooling Roll
Lamination Line: -
Single/ Double Jacket
Heating / Cooling
Idler Roll/ Guide Roll
Inspection Moulding Machine: -
Tie Bar
Laminate / Sunmaica: -
Doctor Roll/
Squeezing Roll/
Impregnation Roll
Tape/ Yarn Line: -
Godet Roll
Idler Roll/ Guide Roll
PVC: -
Calender Roll
Take Off Roll
Press Manufacturer: -
Hydraulic Ram