Hard Chrome Plating Process

Hard Chrome Plating :

We have over 40 years of extensive experience in Hard Chrome Plating Rolls / Dies of various sizes and base materials.

We have world class technical know-how through our 3 technical collaborations.

We can do Hard Chrome Plating upto:

• 2000mm dia X 4000 mm Lg
• 900mm  dia X 10000 mm Lg
• 350mm  dia X 15000 mm Lg
• 20 Tons weight capacity.
• 1,25,000 Amp Rectifier Capacity.

We can Hard Chrome Plate, Work Roll, Auto Dies, Mass Quantity Jobs, Centerless Bar Hard Chrome Plating, PQF Mandrel Bars, Dryer Cylinders, Baskets, Baffles for Chemical Industrial, Calendar for PVC, Doctor Roll, Super Calendar Rolls, Rams, Tie Bars, Metering Bar, T- Dies, Crane Booms etc.