Dryer Cylclinder Hard Chrome Plating

We can Grind, Hard Chrome Plating, Mirror finish Dryers Cylinder for various applications:

Size Press: Non stick chrome plated surface is essential after starch coating. Hard chrome plated Dryer Cylinder have 3 times the life of spray coated Dryer Cyclinder due to:

a) Superior Bond Strength
b) Pin Hole Free Surface of Hard Chrome Plating virtually stops corrosion
c) Higher Hardness

Cast Coating Cyclinder: The mirror finish on Dryer Cylinder surface, greatly improves the gloss of the cast coated paper.

Chemical Industries (Flakers Drums Etc,): Corrosion resistance and Hardness of Hard Chrome Plating, greatly enhances performance and life of Dryer Cylinder and consequently quality of final product.

Food Industries: Hygiene standard of food industry demand rust free and metal free running of Dryer Cylinder, which can be achieved by Hard Chrome plating.