Doctor Roll

We specialize in Manufacturing Doctor Rolls and even Re- conditioning the same.

With the help of High Precision German Roll Grinding Machine we have achieved desired Geometrical accuracy, which is shown below.

1.        Ovality                        Below 5 Micron
2.        Concentricity        Below 5 Micron
3.        Taper                        Below 5 Micron

The above accuracy, will result in equal coating of resin, thereby resulting in substantial cost saving.

Hard Chrome Plating: Good quality of Hard Chrome Plating ensures protection against wear & tear, Corrosion & it also gives us High Gloss Mirror Finish appearance.

Super Finishing: With the help of high Precision German Super Finishing Machines, we achieve surface roughness of Ra value 0.005 micron.

Re- conditioning: We can also recondition old Doctor Rolls Having defects such as indentations, grooves, pits, pin holes etc., and bring the same to above said technical specifications, thereby Salvaging the Roll.